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10 Ways To Calm Down A Cat In The Car

How to calm down a cat in a car? You’re probably already aware that cats are not always the most cooperative animals. Even if you have a cat that is very outgoing and social, there will be times when they can feel very uptight and nervous. This is especially true when taking them with you in the car!

Cats are very territorial and being in a car that is traveling can cause a lot of anxiety and stress which will lead to unexpected and frustrating behavior.

So if you want to prevent any accidents from happening while on the road, it’s important that your cat is calm and relaxed before starting out.

So to help you with this here are some tips and tricks for making your cat feel calm and relaxed in the car. This way they won’t be hissing or meowing throughout the trip.

1. Make Sure The Cat Is Comfortable

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your cat is comfortable. This means providing them with something that is comfortable. 

For example, you could lay down blankets or towels in the backseat of the car and let your cat lay on them. If your using a pet carrier simply place them inside and make sure they have enough room to move around.

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2. Keep The Car Cool

One of the most important things you can do when your cat is in the car is to keep the inside cool. If your cat is starting to get stressed then it could be that the car is too hot.

Important: Cats are very sensitive to heat and humidity! If the inside of the car is too hot they can overheat very easily which could lead to serious health problems!

If this is the case, try using the air conditioning to keep the temperature down! You can also open a window to let some fresh air in. However, don’t open it too wide or your cat may be tempted to jump out.

Keeping your cat calm in the car means keeping them at an appropriate temperature for their comfort level.

3. Use Medicine

If your cat is really stressed out about traveling, there are certain medicines that you can use for this kind of situation.

Take Note: Make sure to speak with your vet first as they will have the best advice for what medicine you should or should not use!

Just remember that medicine should only be used as temporary measures until your kitty gets more accustomed to car rides. Using any medicine long-term can actually have negative effects on their overall health.

4. Drive Slowly

If your cat is already feeling stressed then the last thing you want to do is start driving erratically! When this happens, try not to rush things because this will create unnecessary stress for the cat.

This might mean slowing down at t junctions and at sharp bends. So make sure to drive slowly and carefully, avoiding any sudden turns or braking.

5. Play Soothing Music

Another way to keep your cat calm while traveling is to play soothing music for them. Some cats respond well to classical music while others may prefer softer sounds.

It has been proven that music can even calm people down during stressful situations so it just makes sense that the same soothing benefits could come into play while traveling with your cat.

Just remember that not all cats respond well to music which means this may not always work. Still, it’s worth giving a try!

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6. Talk To Your Cat

This may sound silly but talking to your cat in a calm voice can actually help to keep them feeling more relaxed.

Cats are very intuitive creatures and they can often pick up on our emotions. So if you’re feeling stressed then there’s a good chance that your cat will start to feel the same way.

Try to talk to your cat in a soothing voice, letting them know that everything is going to be alright.

7. Have A Friend Sit With Your Cat

If you’re going to be driving somewhere, then it might help if someone comes along for the ride so that they can keep your cat company.

This way, they’ll have another person with them which means more comfort and fewer chances of being anxious or lonely during their car trip!

So just ask a friend who already likes cats to come with you since this will help give them some companionship on their journey as well as yours.

Plus there are always safety benefits associated with having extra people in the vehicle, especially when traveling long distances.

Always Think Of Your Cats Safety

Remember that your cat’s behavior is very much influenced by its environment and the way you’re handling them. So if they feel threatened or stressed then it can cause some problems such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Meowing Loudly
  • Motion Sickness

While taking care of any pet on a car journey, always remember that their safety comes first! So take extra precautions to make sure nothing happens which could put both yourself and your furry friend at risk.

Never Leave Your Cat Alone In The Car

When going on a road trip with your cat it’s very important that you do not leave them alone in the car, especially on a hot day!

If you really do need to run an errand or go into a store then make sure that you take your cat with you! This may sound like a lot of extra work but it’s much better than risking your pet’s life.

Every year pets die from heatstroke as a result of being left in hot cars which is a horrible way to go. If you can’t take your cat with you make sure someone else is there with your cat at all times.

This is the most important tip to remember when taking your cat on a road trip because it can save their life!


So now you know how to calm down your cat in the car and having these tips ready ahead of time will make your trip more enjoyable for you and your cat!

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