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8 Reasons Why Cats Pant In A Car!

Why Do Cats Pant In A Car? Cats panting in a car can be a scary sight and even though it’s normal for cats to use their mouth and tongue to cool themselves much as dogs do, they’ll often do this more when stressed or excited (like during car rides).

However, the reason why many people find this worrying is because it’s rare to see cats pant.

If you’ve noticed your cat is panting while in the car and it’s not hot then it could be a number of things that we will talk about in this article!

So without further delay let’s get into the reasons why cats pant in the car and what the possible solutions are!

8 Reasons Why Cats Pant In A Car

1. Motion Sickness

One of the most common reasons why cats pant in the car is motion sickness. If your cat gets car sick then they may pant from the motion and feel very nauseous, making them want to throw up.

This can also cause drooling which is another common symptom of nausea in cats! In many cases, it’s possible for you to prevent this by keeping a window open slightly during car rides.

If not make sure that there are fresh air vents in your vehicle “or use the air condition” which can go a long way in improving your cat’s motion sickness.

Important: For safety reasons make sure your cat is in their crate or carrier before rolling down the car windows!

2. Stress-Related

Another reason can be stress-related! where your cat is scared of being inside the car. This is more common in cats that have never been exposed to being inside a car before.

You can try playing soothing music for your cat while driving but make sure not to pick something too upbeat or loud as this it could agitate their nerves instead of calming them down.

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3. Panting Due To Stress

This can be a common problem for some kitties who are very sensitive when it comes to traveling, especially when you move them from their home into your vehicle!

In some cases, your cat may meow excessively, when this happens try playing some soothing music to help them feel more relaxed and calm while riding in the car with you.

If this doesn’t work trying to talk to your cat the sound of your voice can help them feel more secure and safe and less stressed.

4. Too Hot Inside The Car

Being exposed to high temperatures in the car “, especially on a hot day” can cause your cat to pant. One way to solve this is by having the air conditioning on! This will keep your cat cool and comfortable while riding in the car.

Take Note: When it comes to your cat’s health you should always take action and prevent your pet from being exposed to high temperatures in a car for too long! If not this can cause serious health issue that could be fatal.

5. Feeling Uncomfortable

The cat is not comfortable in the car! For example, if your cat is old and has arthritis or any other health conditions this can cause them to feel uncomfortable. As a result, this can make your cat pant in the car.

If you’re using a carrier make sure you place a padded cushion in the bottom of it to help them feel comfortable this will also absorb any vibrations on the road.

6. Cat Is Dehydrated

If your cat isn’t drinking enough water while riding in the car this can cause dehydration which can cause them to pant. Look for any white form at the mouth this is a classic sign that your cat is suffering from dehydration.

Make sure you keep plenty of fresh clean water inside your vehicle at all times so that when you take trips with your cat always have access to water, especially during long commutes.

7. Medical Reasons

If your cat is panting a lot it could be for medical reasons! For example, your cat could be suffering from a respiratory infection where their airways are blocked making breathing difficult which will cause them to breathe rapidly and sometimes through an open mouth.

If this is the case, you should avoid having your cat in the car! If not, drive safely and don’t speed or take sharp turns as these will only agitate their nervous system making it harder for your cat to breathe!

8. Strange Noises

Car makes many strange sounds especially when you first start up the engine which might scare your cat causing them to pant heavily.

Also, if there are any children in the car they may make loud noises like yelling or screaming this can agitate cats because of their sensitive hearing abilities.

So it’s best to keep things quiet inside your vehicle while riding with them and avoid making sudden stops which will only frighten them that much more!

How To Prevent Your Cats Excessive Panting?

To prevent cats from panting in the car the key is to get everything prepared for your pet. You also need to think about where your cat is going to travel in the car? Take the trunk for example, although this is the safest place for dogs! It’s not the same for our felines.

Cats don’t do well on their own in the trunk of the car (which can cause them to pant) not to mention it can get very hot “too hot” for your cat!

The best and safest place for your cat would be the rear seats or footwells.

Check The Temperature Inside The Car

If you want to avoid any problems when traveling with cats make sure the temperature inside your vehicle is not too hot or too cold. It should always be at a comfortable temperature for your cat!

However, if they start panting while riding in the car use the air conditioner “if needed” this should bring down their temperature and help them to breathe easier.

Make Sure The Cat Is Comfortable

When you’re taking long trips with your cat it’s important to make sure they are comfortable. This will help them to feel better and not become anxious or agitated.

To make sure they are comfortable bring along their favorite blanket, pillow, toys “or whatever it is that makes them happy” so that they can sit back relax and enjoy the ride!

Keep The Noise Levels Down

Cats are sensitive to sudden and loud noises so it’s best if you keep the noise levels down while traveling with them in your vehicle.

Also, don’t take sharp turns or speed around corners because this will only frighten them! You should drive slowly and avoid any distractions that might get you into an accident which is very dangerous for both of you!

Make Sure The Cat Has Access To Water

While traveling with cats in the vehicle make sure they have access to fresh water. However, it’s best to bring along a small bottle of water because if you spill any it could cause them harm!

You should also bring a small drinking bowl but don’t fill it all the way up because it could spill any excess water and make a big mess!

If you follow these tips then your cat should have a stress-free ride with no problems at all! Good luck and enjoy the road ahead on those long trips together.

How To Keep Them Calm In The Car?

If you want to keep your cat calm while riding in the car it’s best just to make the inside of the car has a calm atmosphere so they can stay relaxed.

However, if they start to look agitated or nervous try playing some music at low volume so that it can calm them down!

Overall just make sure you have everything ready before your cat is inside the car and try to keep an eye on them while driving.

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Overall just remember that driving with cats is never easy especially when there are anxious animals involved who become frightened easily.

If possible let someone else drive for a change so that you’re not responsible for anything unexpected happening on the road.

Do everything you can to keep them calm while traveling with them in the car and you’ll have a safe tranquil ride! If you want to know more about traveling with pets don’t forget to check out our latest articles.

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