8 Tips To Keep Cats From Escaping RV

How to keep cats from escaping the RV is a question that many campers have. Cats are very intelligent and will do anything they can to explore their surroundings.

Yet, there are also very territorial and don’t like going far from their home. It’s a well-known fact that when their owners move, some cats find it hard to settle in their new location and will return to their old house.

The same can be said when your cat is traveling in an RV and because some cats will find it hard to adapt they will try to return home as soon as an opportunity arises and this means trying to escape.

The good news is, there are a few things you can do to avoid your cats escaping the RV and to give you an idea below are 8 easy-to-follow tips.

8 Tips To Keep Cats From Escaping RV

1. Close All Windows

Cats are flexible and will easily squeeze through small spaces so you have to ensure the windows of your RV or camper van are closed properly when parked or before traveling.

Cats love being in elevated places because they feel safe and if your windows are open “just a little bit” it may be enough for them to escape. So make sure every window is tightly shut anytime you’re on the road with your cat!

2. Use Cat Enclosures

If your cat is young and healthy you could get a pet cage or run that will keep them safely inside the RV. These cages are made from very strong material like wire mesh so they are impossible to escape from!

They come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose one that suits your RV perfectly. You could also purchase a cat enclosure if yours is old but just make sure it’s suitable for the size of your pet before buying!

If it’s hot outside and you prefer to have the windows open then you should consider using a pet enclosure.

Keep in mind that your cat will feel happier if they can see what is going on around them and the fact that these enclosures are wire mesh means they won’t have that problem.

3. Place Cat In Carrier

Another option to stop cats from escaping RV would be to use a pet carrier that is suitable for cats. This way you don’t have to worry about them escaping from the RV or camper van!

Cats are curious creatures so it’s important they always feel safe when traveling around so being placed inside their own pet carrier will give them peace of mind while you drive from one place to another.

Using a cat carrier is great if you want to take your pet on a short trip away from home. Just make sure the carrier is big enough for them so they don’t feel cramped.

You should make sure your cat is comfortable inside using placing plenty of cushions in the carrier. This way they can sleep much more easily and it will be less likely for them to try and escape from your RV.

4. Use A Leash Or Harness

You could also use a leash or harness to secure your cat inside the RV. This is a great option if you have to walk your cat outside which will be quite common when traveling in an RV. The leash or harness should be comfortable for them but strong enough so they cannot escape!

Another benefit to having a leash or harness is you can use it to secure your cat while the RV is in motion! Not only will this keep your cat safe but in some countries, it’s also a legal requirement.

If you’re going to be using the leash or harness outside always try keeping your cat close, especially around roads where cars may drive past anytime. Never let go of the lead until you’re cat is back in the RV and the doors and windows are closed.

5. Keep Your Cat Entertained

While your cat is inside the RV you should always keep them entertained. This means keeping their favorite toys around and giving them plenty of attention so they don’t feel isolated or stressed out!

Cats are intelligent animals that love having fun, especially if it’s with an object like a piece of string or a hanging toy on the door handle for example.

They will spend hours chasing this kind of thing up and down all over the place which will help to burn off some excess energy but also be very relaxing at the same time.

Another way to entertain your pet would be by playing games with them using small objects that roll across surfaces such as ping pong balls or even pieces from dominoes sets. Cats love this kind of game and it will help to keep them occupied for a while.

6. Remove Any Bad Odors

Cats are very clean and if there are any bad smells inside the RV they will try to escape. This is why you should always make sure that any trash has been disposed of and try cleaning up as much as possible, especially if your pet has an accident!

Make sure you give everything a good clean to remove any bad smells from cat litter trays too because this can really irritate them and could deter them from going in those areas again!

It’s also important not to leave food out for too long or leave anything else smelly such as dirty laundry which your cat may find unpleasant.

Keeping your RV clean and removing any bad smells will help to keep your cat relaxed, happy, and comfortable inside their home which is what you want as a pet owner! This means less stress for them but also reduces the chances of any cats escaping from the RV.

7. Make Sure Your Cat Is Comfortable

Your cat will be spending a lot of time inside the RV which means they need to feel as comfortable as possible. If your pet is not happy then they may try and find another way out, such as jumping through an open window or door!

Make sure your cat has plenty of cushions to lay on because this will help them feel relaxed and comfortable. You can also keep their favorite blanket or toy next to them which will make them feel safe and secure and also give them some familiar smells of home.

Cats are very smart animals that know how they like things, especially when it comes to being comfortable. They need a nice bed with a blanket or pillow otherwise they may not be content staying inside your RV for long periods at a time!

8. Talk To Your Vet About Treatment

Now, If all else fails and you may think that your cat will try to escape your RV as soon as you place them inside then don’t be afraid to talk to a vet about treatment. If they are showing any signs of stress or anxiety then some kind of treatment could be your only option.

Cats can get stressed out very easily by unfamiliar experiences so if this happens when traveling in an RV then maybe the best option would be for you to leave your cat at home instead.

If you think your pet has become bored while inside the campervan or doesn’t seem happy anymore speak with a veterinarian about ways in which they can help. This may also reduce the chances of them trying to escape too.

Take Note: Never give your cat any medications without first speaking to a vet as they can advise you on the best course of action!

So there are some tips on how to keep cats from escaping the RV. Now, these might not work with every cat as each one can react differently in each situation. However, if you follow these instructions carefully then hopefully your pet will be just fine.

Never Leave Your Cat Alone In RV

When traveling with your cat in the RV, it’s never recommended to leave your cat alone, especially on a hot day. If the weather’s too hot and there isn’t any air conditioning to keep your pet cool, then this can be a serious health risk!

If this is unavoidable when traveling but you must do so, it would be best for someone who can keep an eye on them at all times or alternatively if that, not possible take turns with somebody every hour to check up on things! That way they are at least less likely to try and escape!

Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe And Comfortable In A RV

Cats are wonderful animals that can provide endless entertainment. However, they also require a lot of care and attention, especially when traveling.

One thing to keep in mind when you have a cat is how safe they will be while you are on the road in an RV. So here are some tips for keeping your cat happy and healthy throughout your trip.

  • Cat Has Access To Food & Water
  • Be Sure There Are No Dangerous Objects
  • Make Sure The Cat Has Access To Litter Tray
  • Maintain The Temperature Inside The RV

Access To Food & Water

Your cat will need access to food and water at all times. Not only during the trip but also while your RV is parked up. This means you should make sure there are always bowls of fresh (clean) water which can easily be refilled by just buying a new jug when needed.

Also, keep some extra bags of dry food for your furry friend so they don’t get too hungry even if it’s just for 24 hours! This may not seem like much but cats do have very small stomachs compared to dogs so this could help them feel full longer than normal!

No Dangerous Objects In RV

You should also avoid placing any harmful objects in your RV that could injure or even kill your cat. To do this, you should always check over the inside of your vehicle before traveling with cats.

This is just in case there are sharp nails sticking out from chairs or anything which can be easily broken! (such as glass) that if your cat steps on should cause an injury.

Cat Has Access To LitterTray

It’s important for a cat to have access to a litter tray when they need it no matter where you are. If not then expect them to go on the floor instead but at least provide something soft like an old towel underneath so they don’t get too uncomfortable while doing their business!

Temperature Is Cool Inside RV

Finally, you should also make sure that there is a constant comfortable temperature inside your campervan for your cat. If it is quite hot inside the RV try using the air cond, if it’s too cold then use blankets or heating instead!


Now of course you do have alternatives which we highly recommended when traveling with your cat! and that’s using a tracking device.

This could be the difference between finding your cat or not within a short period of time especially if they run off into the woods, close to oncoming traffic, or worst case scenario end up getting lost never to be found.

Use A Tracking Device

Using a tracking device will help you to find your cat if they ever escape. This can prove useful as not only cats but dogs too have been known to run away through open windows while the RV is moving!

Most tracking devices can be easy to use and some are controlled using an app on your cell phone making it very convenient!

Get Your Cat Microchipped

If you prefer not to use a tracking device then your next and preferable option would be to get your cat microchipped as it’s a safe and easy way to make sure that if your furry friend ever gets lost, they can be safely returned back home!

To inquire about getting your cat microchipped, simply contact your local vet and they will be able to help you with this!


Now, hopefully, these guidelines on How to keep cats from escaping RV will work “but only” If you follow them carefully and make sure your cat is always happy while on the road in an RV then there should be no problems at all!

However, some cats just don’t like being outside of their own homes so they may never get used to this sort of change especially when traveling around a lot which can cause stress for everybody involved.

So that concludes our article about how to keep cats from escaping RV vehicles. We hope you have found this guide useful and wish you good luck with taking care of your feline friend(s) next time you go traveling by car or campervan!

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