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15 Tips For Traveling With Cats In An RV

Traveling with your cats in an RV may seem like an impossibility, however, there are many ways to make this possible and most importantly enjoyable for you both.

The problem with some cats is they are very territorial which can make traveling with them in an RV difficult. But, If you plan ahead and take the right precautions, then you can avoid all these problems.

However, for those who are having trouble here are 15 tips that you should find helpful and hopefully make your cat feel more comfortable being in an RV.

1. Plan Your Journey

Traveling with your cat is not an easy task. However, planning ahead and knowing what to expect and where to go in an emergency makes the whole road trip a lot easier.

Your also know when you can stop for food and bathroom breaks! And if possible you should also plan to travel at nighttime instead of daytime.

There will be less traffic on the road at night meaning you’re less likely to be stuck in traffic queues which is the last thing you want if your cat doesn’t like loud noises!

2. Pick A Location For Litter Box

Be sure to pick a location for the litter box away from where your cat eats and sleeps. Try not to put it in front of the RV’s door as this will be blocking the entrance.

You also want to make sure there is enough ventilation so that odors don’t accumulate inside either.

One area that most RV owners place the litterbox in is the bathroom! Preferably in the shower. Not only is this out of the way but its the perfect place to get rid of odors.

Just remember to have the door open slightly so the cat can get in and out when needed.

Top Tip: If you don’t already have one you should consider getting a cat flap installed. This way the door doesn’t need to be left open and the odors can’t escape into the RV!

It’s also wise to train your cat a couple of days before you travel so they know how to use the cat flap and where the litter box is. But, at the same time, the cat is also getting used to the surroundings of the RV.

If you think your cat may struggle with this! Give yourself plenty of time to train your cat before you hit the road.

3. Pack Plenty Of Food & Water

Packing enough food and water for your journey is important. This may seem obvious, but you do not want to run out of food or drink while traveling in the RV with your cat!

Of course, you can go to the shop but cats are picky eaters and they may not have what they like. The best thing to do is pack the same food they eat normally at home.

4. Take A Cat Carrier

Although some cats will travel without a carrier, it is wise to bring one along just in case. Cats that are not used to travel will bolt as soon as they get the chance and having them inside a carrier can avoid just that.

A cat carrier can be used for other things from going into shops, restaurants, or parks. which is where your most likely being going on your RV camping trip.

Having your cat in a carrier when visiting these places will save you a lot of problems later on and will also prevent your cat from running off.

5. Use A Leash & Harness

If you don’t want your cat in a carrier then its important to use a leash and harness when walking your cat outside of an RV. If there are other animals around then your cat could get into a fight or worse run off!

Even if there are no animals around it is still a good idea to have your cat on a leash at all times when outside. If your cat suddenly bolts, then they will not be easy to find! This can cause problems, especially in the middle of nowhere

If your cat has never worn one before it’s best to start this process before traveling, this way it shouldn’t be an issue.

6. Plan For Medical Emergencies

Although you think your cat may never need medical attention on a trip, it is still important to plan for emergencies.

Always take a first aid kit with you: If your cat was to ever get injured and you’re not near a vet then having a first aid kit could be a lifesaver.

If you don’t have one already you can buy a first aid kit from your local pet store and most online stores!

7. Make Sure Your Cat Is Comfortable

When traveling with cats in an RV it’s important to make sure your cat has a comfortable place in the RV. If not then you will find that your cat cant rest properly and this can lead to other problems such as stress and anxiety.

Using padded sheets or blankets can help with this process and at the same time keep them warm while traveling.

Just make sure you place blankets on the seats and in any hiding spots they may have. Doing this will make them feel safe and secure. After all, a comfortable cat is a happy cat!

8. Give Your Cat Places To Hide

Cats love to have their own hiding places! This makes them feel safe and secure while driving in an RV or even when you are stationary at a campsite.

Naturally, cats will find their own hiding spot so let them have some time to explore the RV and find their favorite spots.

It’s best to keep a few storage units in your RV open or if you’re not using them remove the doors altogether. This way your cat can use them and of course don’t forget those sheets!

These types of hiding places also give you some peace of mind knowing that your cat is happy and stressed out.

9. Take Some Poop Bags

Another thing to consider when traveling with cats in an RV is poop bags! This is just in case you take your cats to the beach or just for a walk around the campsite.

Important: Cleaning up after your pets in public places is actually a law in some countries! So make sure you take some poop bags with you. You will need them!

Taking your cat for walks around the campsite or at the park or even the beach can be a lot of fun! Just remember to bring those poop bags along.

10. Make Sure They Can’t Escape

When traveling with cats in an RV it’s important to make sure that your cat can’t escape from the RV. If they do then you will have a major problem on your hands!

If you are worried about this there are some things you can try such as:

  • Put Your Cat In A Carrier
  • Keep Doors And Windows Closed

You can also use door barriers to keep them inside the RV just make sure it’s not too low because they will try to jump over it!

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11. Bring Some Of Their Favorite Toys

You should also consider bringing along some of your cat’s favorite toys. If not, your cat may feel bored or stressed out and won’t be a happy camper while traveling in an RV.

This way they can keep themselves occupied and at the same time burn off some energy. Playtime for your cat should only happen when your parked this way they won’t be a distraction to the driver when the vehicle is in motion.

12. Keep Inside Of The RV Cool

When traveling with cats in an RV it’s important to keep them cool. RVs can get very hot inside which can be dangerous for your cat, especially if its summer time.

This means using the air conditioning or portable fans that will help protect your cat from heatstroke, which we all know isn’t good. You can also use cooling mats which can help keep their temperature down!

13 Prepare For Travel Sickness

Travel sickness can be a major issue for some cats and dogs. This means that you should make sure to prepare for this when traveling in an RV.

If this happens you should keep your cat in the back of the RV and have some rubber gloves and cleaning supplies ready to go!

Top Tip: If your cat does suffer from travel sickness try putting your feline inside the carrier so if they are sick it will be limited to inside the carrier!

14 Keep Your Cat Away From Any Electricaliances

Cats are very curious creatures and love to get themselves into trouble! So make sure to keep them away from any electrical appliances or outlets when traveling with cats in an RV.

They can easily get shocked which isn’t good for their health, so it’s important that you do something about this.

You can use cord protectors to keep them safe and these types of protectors you can find at online stores such as Amazon.com!

15. Take Your Time And Go Slow

Another important tip for traveling with cats in an RV is to take your time and go slowly. If you try to travel too fast then chances are pretty high that they will get sick from all of the different types of movement going on around them!

So slow down a bit when driving so it can be safer while also keeping your cat safe as well. This way they won’t have any motion sickness either which could affect their health worse over time.

Overall, just remember these tips if you want to travel with cats safely inside an RV!

Think Of Your Cats Safety

If you want your cat to travel in an RV then it’s important that you think of their safety first. This is because there are different types of dangers while traveling with your cats on the road.

But one thing that many people don’t consider is if your cat escapes and runs off what then? This is where being prepared can make the difference between finding your cats or not at all.

There are a couple of options for you to avoid all this heartache!

  • Get Your Cat Microchipped
  • Use A GPS Cat Collar
  • Use I.D Tags

I.D tags are also very important and they should always be used at least then you can be contacted if your cat is found!

Never Leave Your Cat Alone In An RV

The last and most important thing is to never leave your cat alone inside the RV! If you have an older RV without proper ventilation your cat can easily get overheated which could be fatal.

Not only that, but as mentioned, your cat will look for ways to escape the RV so leaving the windows open is not an option! be aware of this.

So always make sure to have some fans or air conditioning in place so they can enjoy themselves safe while not getting too hot.


So there we have it, there are 15 useful tips for traveling with cats in an RV. Keep these things in mind when thinking about taking a road trip or vacation with your cat.

Just remember the safety of your cats comes first! If you think that it’s too risky for them to travel within the RV then maybe you should consider leaving your feline at home.

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