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Can (And Should) Jack Russells Swim?

The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of dog originating in England and they’re known for their small size, hunting instincts, and high energy levels. However, there is one question that many pet owners want to know can Jack Russells swim?

Yes, Jack Russells Can Swim, however, because these breeds have short snouts they need to arch their backs and spread out in order to get enough oxygen when swimming, for this reason, they can struggle in deeper water!

If the dog has never been exposed to swimming before this could come as quite a shock for him since every breed has varying tolerances when it comes down to water depth and temperature. So take it slow!

Are Jack Russells Good Swimmers?

Yes, for the most part, Jack Russells are good swimmers if they are properly introduced to it and have the opportunity to practice. Most dogs are naturally good swimmers but you’ll want to make sure that your dog is comfortable in the water before they start swimming.

If you’ve already given your Jack Russell the correct training and they are happily jumping straight in then there’s no reason for you to worry – as long as they are ok and aren’t struggling.

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Do Jack Russells Like To Swim?

Yes! jack Russels do enjoy swimming just like any other dog. But, If your jack Russell is hesitant you should let them play with other dogs as this will give them encouragement to go in the water.

Still, as before, you should always take things slow and let them enjoy the water gradually!

Can Jack Russells Swim Underwater?

Seeing a dog swim underwater is not unheard of, and many dogs do have the capability of diving underwater to fetch their toys.

However, just because some other breeds can! doesn’t mean that your Jack Russell can do the same!

If you notice your dog struggling and coming up for “air repeatedly” then it may be a good idea to have your dog play in the shallow end of the pool!

If they prefer to swim in the deep end with the other dog then you should use a “dog’s life jacket” that will keep your dog above the water and prevent them from diving.

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Can Jack Russells Swim Long Distances?

Jack Russells don’t do well swimming long distances, this is because of their size and short snout. While they can swim, this doesn’t mean they can swim very far.

Unfortunately, they don’t have the capability of swimming long distances, or being in rough waters “like the ocean” for extended periods of time can be dangerous!

For this reason, you should always be on hand to get your dog out if he starts looking tired. Especially, if your at the beach. This will prevent anything from happening and also ensure that they stay safe.

jack russell swimming

How To Teach A Jack Russell To Swim?

Teaching your Jack Russell to swim is fairly simple “but” they are some things you need to do first!

Pick A Safe Area To Swim

The first thing you need to do is pick a safe area for your dog to swim in. Whether its a swimming pool, lake, river, or even the beach.

You need to make sure that the area you choose has a shallow area to start with. This will allow your dog to get used to the water gradually.

Check The Water Temperature

Once you have found a safe area for your dog to swim, you need to check the water temperature. You don’t want to jump in and start swimming if the water is too cold!

Important: If you let your dog play in water that is too cold for long periods of time this could cause health issues like “limber tail syndrome”.

Dogs have a higher tolerance for colder weather than humans, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy swimming in freezing cold water.

Once you have found an area and the water temperature is ok, then it’s time to start teaching your dog how to swim!

Get Your Dog Used To The Water

Start by getting them comfortable in the water. Let them play in shallow waters so that they get used to their surroundings and the feeling of being wet!

Teach Them To Paddle

The first thing you need to teach your dog is how to paddle. You can do this by holding your dog and slowly taking them into deeper water naturally they will start kicking their legs.

Once you can see your dog kicking their legs or paddling around then you can let go and see how they do on their own. They should pick this up very quickly, especially if you’ve been encouraging them.

Use A Life Jacket (Optional)

At this point, if you’re still unsure about your dog’s abilities in the water “use a life jacket” as this will help them stay afloat and make sure that they don’t sink or struggle!

Remember, don’t force your dog into any of these steps and make sure that they are comfortable and having fun while swimming, or else it can be more stressful for your dog.

jack russell swimming

Benefits of Letting Your Jack Russell Swim

Some people may be worried about letting their Jack Russell swim because they think that it will cause long-term damage to their joints or body.

But, in reality, swimming is actually good for dogs since it helps them stay active and strong. There are many benefits from allowing your Jack Russell Dog To Swim.

Benefits Of Letting Your Dog Swim:

  • Arthritis & Other Joint Issues
  • Good For Their Heart
  • Gives Your Dog A Workout
  • Keeps Your Dog Cool

Helps With Arthritis And Other Joint Issues

If you have an older dog who has started showing signs of arthritis then taking them swimming can help with this problem!

The water provides just enough buoyancy so that there isn’t too much stress on their joints but still allows for some exercise which means less stiffness.

Helps Keep Their Heart In Good Condition 

It’s not just their joints that swimming can help with – it also has benefits for the heart! Swimming is a great way to keep the heart healthy.

At the same time, your dog will be getting regular exercise which helps circulate oxygen throughout their body and keeps everything healthy as they grow.

Swimming Gives Your Dog A Great Workout

If you have a young, healthy dog then swimming is a great way to give them a workout. Swimming uses all of the major muscle groups and helps dogs stay slim and trim.

Dogs that swim regularly are less likely to become overweight and are less likely to develop joint problems as they get older.

Keeps Them Cool

Swimming is one of the best exercises for keeping your dog cool in the summer heat. Dogs can quickly overheat, but swimming allows them to exercise without getting too hot.

So, if it’s a nice day and hot outside don’t leave your dog at home alone, instead, take them out for a swim in the pool or a dip in the ocean!

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Swimming Safety Tips

Before swimming with your Jack Russell there are some important safety tips to keep in mind, especially when teaching your dog how to swim.

  • Make Sure They Are Not Dehydrated
  • Never Leave Your Dog Alone To Swim
  • Be Patient With Your Dog

Make Sure They Are Not dehydrated

  • Even when swimming dogs can still get dehydrated, so it’s important to offer them fresh water when they come out of the pool. Dehydration can cause dogs to become weak and dizzy, and in severe cases, it can lead to death.

Never Leave Your Jack Russell Alone

  • Never leave your dog alone in the water by themselves. Even if your Jack Russell is a good swimmer anything could happen when you’re not watching! So it’s very important to keep them under your supervision at all times.

Be Patient With Your Dog

  • And finally, If Jack Russell is having a hard time swimming then it’s important to be patient with them. You don’t want to force them into the water and make things worse by scaring them!


So we hope this article has given the information that you were looking for. Once your jack russell knows how to swim and is comfortable and safe in the water, you can take them out for regular swimming sessions which they will enjoy!

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