Hello, my pet lovers! I’m Karl Marais, the human behind Pets Travelog. But let’s face it, some of you would rather hear about Josh, my dog – an Afrikaner. And if you’ve never heard of the breed, Afrikaner, that’s because it is just a fancy South African term for a lovable mongrel with a personality as unique as his breed.

Josh, our dog

Josh is the epitome of joy and playfulness, a true testament to the happiness that pets bring into our lives. He has been with us for over 12 years now, so nowadays, he tends to run in slow motion, but that doesn’t stop him from grabbing a stick in his mouth and daring me to catch him if I can.

His dislikes? Baths and car rides. Try mentioning ‘bath time’ around him, and you’ll witness a disappearing act worthy of a magic show. And car travel? Let’s just say he’d rather walk himself to the North Pole!

Our journey with Josh has been filled with tail-wagging highs, but it has not been without its challenges. We certainly never anticipated the thousands of questions about traveling with a pet or what holiday spots cater for pets.

I understand that travelling with pets can be as unpredictable as a game of fetch with a cat. That’s why, at Pets Travelog, we’re here to offer you expert advice and practical tips and to help you and your furry (or feathery) friend navigate the world of pet travel.

So, buckle up (and don’t forget the pet seatbelt!) as we embark on this adventure together. Let’s make every journey with our pet safe, enjoyable, and memorable!

Karl Marais

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