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8 Beneficial RV Modifications For Cats!

Cats can be great companions, but they are notoriously difficult to travel with. They don’t like being crated and they often refuse to use litter boxes unless training has been provided.

Luckily, there are some modifications that you can make to your RV before embarking on your next trip that will make it much easier when traveling with your cat!

Some modifications are easier than others and will largely depend on the type of RV you have! 

So to get you started below is a list of what you’ll need in order to make your RV modifications a success! and the best part is some of these methods require no drilling of any kind.

8 RV Modifications For Cats

1. Cat Window Perch

Cats love to be up high off the ground, and for some reason, it makes them feel safer! So why not make them their own window perch!

This is especially useful for cats that refuse to stay in a crate when traveling, or just don’t want to be confined at all.

Window perches are easy to install which will allow your cat to bask in the sun while being up high off the ground where they feel safe!

When installing the window perches to your RV it’s fairly straight forward and the best thing is there is no need to drill any holes.

These window perches attach the window of your RV using giant suction pads that are 100% safe! Make sure it’s sturdy enough so your cat won’t mind being on there and simply let your cat bask in the sun.

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2. RV Screen Door Defender

Having a screen defender is an easy solution to keep your cat safely inside your RV while allowing them to safely look outside.

One of the biggest concerns while traveling with a cat is whether or not they want to escape and run away as soon as you open the door!

This screen defender allows you to easily install it on your RV entry door so that when opened, there are no gaps for cats who may try to slip through during travel.

There is no need for any drilling or the use of any other tools. The screen defender Installs directly into your screen door’s so it’s very important you get the correct size for your RV.

Now you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your cat will stay safe inside no matter where your travels take you.

3. Cat Window Guards

Window guards are an easy way to keep your cat safe by preventing them from being able to escape while traveling in your RV.

This is also great if you want to open the windows for some fresh air without worrying about your cat jumping out of the window!

Just be sure you know where all of the air vents and screens are before installing these so that you don’t block anything important for circulation within your RV.

The window guards are made out of thick plastic and come in a variety of sizes for all types of RV windows and you guess it they require no tools or drilling! Just a simple installation and you’re ready to hit the road!

4. Exercise Pet Fence

Now the pet fence is something you can use inside the RV and is more for people who don’t like their cat to Rome free or if they don’t like their cat in convince spaces!

You can use the pet fence inside your RV to keep your cat away from certain areas. You can also use it outside and will work much like a rabbit pen keeping your cat from running off.

Most fences are made up of three panels that lock together easily. They click into place with no tools or hassle and can be taken down just as quickly if needed.

It’s a great way to keep your cat in one specific area without having them feel like you’re confining them. It also makes for an easy setup when taking breaks on road trips, camping, etc…

5. Hanging Cat Hammock 

Hanging hammocks are something that is great for RVs because you can easily attach them to your cat’s favorite window or even inside an open area.

This will provide a place where your kitty feels safe and comfortable while also giving them their own space without having to use up any of yours!

These small cat hammocks take up no room at all and can easily be taken down if you need to use the space inside your RV.

It’s also a nice way to help your cat feel secure when they’re not used to being on the road or away from home!It gives them someplace where they’ll feel safe while still allowing them to enjoy their surroundings!

6. Cat Hanging Funhouse

When Your cat is traveling in the RV they can easily get bored and when a cat is bored. And when a cat is bored they can get into all kinds of trouble, this is where having a funhouse comes in.

A funhouse can give your cat a place where they can play, climb and scratch without having to be confined in a kennel or carrier.

A cat funhouse can be hung or kept on the floor of your RV (depending on the design) and will provide your cat with a place to jump walk around and hide.

Your cat can even sleep inside the funhouse if they prefer it over other places in the RV! It’s also very easy to install as there is no drilling!

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7. RV Pet Monitor

Although it’s never recommended to leave your cat alone if you are close by you can monitor and keep track of your cat while they’re in the RV with a pet monitor.

These are a must if you are going to be roaming a campsite while your cat is alone in the RV.

The monitors are made to connect directly to a smartphone and will give you an easy way of checking on your cat no matter where they may be!

There are a ton of different models to choose from and each has its own unique features. They are very easy to install and use, so you’ll be able to have one up in no time!

You can easily keep tracking of your cat without having to worry about them getting into any trouble or being too far away for you to find them quickly if something happens.

8. Pet First Aid Kit 

We all know accidents happen, especially out on the road. So it’s a good idea to keep a pet first aid kit in your RV for those times when you need them most!

This is an important one because if anything were to ever happen and you didn’t have any supplies or tools then that could turn into a situation where cats got hurt badly without having anything they need at hand.

Having a cat first aid kit in your RV is always better than not having anything at all! It’s also extremely important to know how to use the items inside of it just like you would with humans.

You never know when an accident could happen, so be sure that if need be you’ll have everything in place and ready for whatever may come up down the road. ​

RV Modifications For Cats Escaping

Although we have already mentioned these in the list above if you are worried about your cat escaping the RV then you need to make sure they are contained within it.

If you don’t like using a carrier, leash, or harness while you travel then consider the following…

RV Modifications For Cats Escaping:

  • Cat Window Guards
  • RV Door Guards

This will give them all the freedom they need while also keeping them safe.

Having your cats completely closed in is great but sometimes they just prefer to be able to roam free and explore wherever their little hearts desire!

So providing options like this can help keep everyone happy during long trips away from home.

RV Modifications For Cats Litterbox

It’s important to remember that you will need to get the right-sized litter box for your cat while they are traveling in an RV.

You also need to make sure your cat has had some training to use the litterbox in the RV or else they won’t know where to go.

RV Modifications For The Cats Litterbox:

  • Bathroom Door Cat Flap
  • Place Litterbox On Shower Floor

The best place to place your cat litterbox in an RV would be in the bathroom preferably on the shower floor! Just move it when you need to use the shower then put it back when your finish.

Top Tip: You should also make some modifications to the bathroom door by instaling a cat flap so you don’t need to leave the bathroom door open all the time.

It’s important that all items within your RV are secured safely and securely (this includes the items in the bathroom) otherwise if something came loose during travel then that could cause damage to your RV.


So there are some great mods that you can make to your RV for cats to enjoy and feel safe in their new home on the road! Remember should always keep in mind what’s best for their needs and safety.

Having your cat travel with you can be a fun experience, but it’s important to make sure they feel safe while on the road!

Make these types of modifications to enhance your kitty’s RV traveling experience so that everyone is happy along the way.

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