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Dog Ear Plugs For Swimming (Are They Safe?)

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When dogs go swimming excess water can get trapped in their ear canal, which can cause inflammation and irritation. This is where using dog earplugs can help prevent water from entering your dog’s ears.

Dog earplugs are designed to simply sit in the outer portion of a dog’s ears, blocking out water from entering that will help your pooch and prevent any discomfort or damage that could occur as a result of getting their ears wet.

However, the problem is finding earplugs that are specially for your dog. You don’t want to use earplugs designed for humans on your dog, as that could be very dangerous.

Not only are human products, not safe for dogs, but they can also cause excessive damage to a dog’s ears if the product is not specifically made for your pooch.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Wear Ear Plugs?

If you can find earplugs that are made for dogs then yes they are indeed safe! However, putting the plugs in your dog’s ears and making them stay in is a whole other story.

For most dogs when something is trapped in their ears they won’t rest until it is removed.

So, while dog earplugs are safe for your pup to wear in or out of the water they may need some help keeping them in place when swimming or playing around the pool.

When you do find some dog earplugs for swimming that work well with your pooch be sure to keep an extra pack on hand, just in case one pair is lost or falls out there will always be another pack ready and waiting!

Quite naturally, when putting earplugs into your dog’s ears for the first time they will find them irritating and shake their head side to side to try and remove them.

This is the point where you need to help your dog out and gently hold their head until they are comfortable with wearing them.

Unfortunately, some dogs will never get used to wearing earplugs and will always try their best to remove them from their ears

If this is the case with your dog then it might be a good idea to try and find another means of preventing water from entering their ears. which we will cover later on in this article.

Important: Never force your dog to wear earplugs! if they show any signs of discomfort, you should stop using them immedetly and turn to alternative means!

Where Can You Find Dogs Ear Plugs For Swimming?

After researching this topic for many hours there was only one website that sold these earplugs called crittear.com Even online stores like Amazon do not sell dog earplugs (there are plenty of humans just not for dogs).

We will never recommend using human earplugs for your pooch not only for the reason mentioned already!

But, the fact that most won’t even fit your dog’s ear canal makes the ideal pointless and will end up doing more harm than good. So, it is best to stick with a product specifically designed for your dog.

When you finally find a pair of earplugs that work well be sure to buy plenty as may fall out or will need replacing from time to time!

However, if you’re unsure about how to use earplugs on your dog or are worried about using them you should consult with your vet first.

They will be able to offer their own advice on how best to proceed and if the earplug is the right method for your pooch or not.

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What Can Dogs Use Instead Of Ear Plugs?

Although dog earplugs for swimming are the best option they’re not always practical. Sometimes you might not have them on hand or your dog simply hates wearing them, so what can they do instead?

If you want to use something other than dog earplugs then you do have some options.

Dog Hoddy

Dog hoddies are a product that you can use to protect your pup’s ears. However, these cute accessories do more than just keep the hair out of their eyes, they also have an important function for protecting their sensitive ears from cold weather and other activities such as swimming.

If your dog is a strong swimmer and does not have an issue with getting water then you can try to use dog hoods.

These are simply hoods that will fit over the top of your pup’s head and outer ear, stopping any excess water from going inside the ear.

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The best thing about these hoodies is that there are so many adorable styles to choose from! They also come in all different colors and fabrics so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your dog’s personality perfectly.

Dog Ear Cleaning Kit

There are various ways to manage your dog’s ears when they have been swimming. You can try using a dog ear cleaner Kit, which is safe to use on your dog’s ears.

The cleaner is used by adding some drops of the solution into their ear and then massaging it in.

While you do this be sure not to push or dig at your pup’s eardrum as that will cause pain and possible damage.

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After a couple of minutes have passed simply let them shake out any excess water/cleaner mixture before drying with a towel. Depending on how long they swam for you can repeat these steps up to two more times if necessary so every last bit of water has been removed from inside their ears.

Never Let Dogs Use Human Ear Plugs

Remember never to use human earplugs when swimming they are not designed to fit your dog’s ears and could cause serious damage. If you use human ears plugs for your dog it can cause serious damage to their ears.

  • Can Cause Ear Infections
  • Plug Can Rub And Bruise Inner Ear
  • Plug Could Get Suck In The Ear

Take Note: Earplugs that don’t fit the dog’s ear correctly can cause water to build up in the ear canal. This can lead to your dog has an ear infection with potentially serious consequences.

If they don’t fit correctly they could cause bruising the inside of your dog’s ear canal which can be extremely painful. The earplug could also go further into the dog’s ear getting stuck which can be very serious and will require a trip to the vet

The above article has covered the best options available for keeping water out of your pup’s ears without using earplugs, so you no longer have to worry about them getting water in their ears or causing any damage.

So, if your dog hates wearing earplugs and they’re not a strong swimmer simply try another alternative instead of risking hurting them with something that is ill-fitting for their needs.


We hope you found this article both interesting and informative in answering your questions on what to do when a dog gets water in its ears.

Remember to always check the label of any product before using them on your pup. If they are not 100% safe for pets make sure you consult a veterinarian first before putting anything into your canine’s ear canal.

In the end, should never stick anything in your pooch’s ears without consulting a veterinarian first, they are fully qualified to give you advice on what is best for your pet based on their unique needs and requirements.

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