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8 Tips To Stop A Loud Cat On A Plane

How to stop a loud cat on a plane? Traveling with your cat can be a hassle, but for some, it’s worth it to have them by your side. However, there are some things you need to know before taking your cat onboard an airline.

For starters, cats can be very loud, especially when they’re scared or anxious! And being on a plane is no exception!

The good news, however, is there are some tips that can help stop a cat from being so loud on a plane. Which can help keep both the cat and passengers calm and happy.

8 Tips For Stopping A Loud Cat On Plane

1. Use A Cat Muzzle

The first thing we recommended is to use a cat muzzle this will stop your cat from making too much noise. A lot of people might think this method is cruel, but sometimes this is necessary especially if your traveling on a plane

Even if you don’t plan on using it you should always take the cat muzzle with you when traveling by air “just in case you need it” so everyone can enjoy their trip without any disturbance.

If you don’t have one of these muzzles we recommended Amazon.com there you can find one that fits your cat’s personality! Something to keep in mind!

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2. Try Voice Commands

If you find it difficult to get your cat to wear a muzzle, try teaching your feline some voice commands this way they can respond to your voice similar to a dog.

If they can learn how to keep silent when hearing your voice rather than using a muzzle then this would be a better and easier option.

Just remember that some cats might be more difficult to train than others so keep trying until they get it right, and most importantly be patient!

3. Try Cat Treats

Another option would be to use treats to keep your cat quiet on a plane! However, make sure you don’t overdo it!

If you feed your cat too many treats this may cause them to do their business in the carrier which is the last thing you want.

Of course, you can’t feed your cat treats through the entire flight but hopefully, this should teach your cat that they are in a safe place and they don’t need to be scared.

4. Give Them A Sedative

If your cat seems to have the opposite effect when feeding them treats and they are just getting more anxious, another way is to use a sedative.

This may sound extreme but it really can be effective in helping cats relax on planes so everyone has an enjoyable time during their flight.

Make sure you consult with your vet before giving your cat any type of medication as they can advise you on the best and safest dosage!

Important: Make sure that you check with your airline first before sedating your cat as some airlines don’t allow any sedated pets on board.

5. Place A Cover Over The Carrier

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your pet a sedative then there is another method that may work is to use a cover on the carrier.

Covering the carrier can improve their mood and make them feel more secure and safe making them less anxious.

6. Make Sure Their Carrier Is Clean

It’s very important that your cat has a clean carrier when traveling. Not only will this keep them calm and comfortable but it should also keep them quiet.

If your cat has an accident you should try and clean it as soon as possible as your cat will become very anxious and will start making noises.

Pets can be very unpredictable and depending on how long your flight is, unfortunately, this is something you will have to expect and attend to.

If possible clean up their carrier right after they have an accident or even better try using a litter box inside the carrier this way you can clean it quickly.

7. Keep Your Cat Entertained

Another way to help your cat stay quiet is by keeping them entertained. If you can’t feed them treats then you can try giving them some toys.  

This will keep their mind occupied and distract them from anything going on around them so they can focus more on playing with the toy instead of stress.

You also want to make sure you bring along a favorite or new toy that is familiar and smells like your cat for this purpose because it should be something comfortable that helps calm down any anxiety during travel time!

However, don’t force your pet to play if they seem disinterested since that might cause unnecessary stress!

Just let them do what feels right at their own pace without pressuring them into doing things they aren’t ready for yet.

Remember: Try not to leave the carrier open when doing this as your cat may escape and airlines don’t allow cats out of their carriers when on board.

8. Ask Flight Attendants For Help

If you need help with anything during your trip ask the flight attendants for assistance.  They will be more than happy to assist and keep an eye out so don’t hesitate to let them know if there is a problem or concern that needs immediate attention!

Flight attendants can also help keep the other passengers calm while you try resolving the issue yourself.

Hopefully, these tips can give you some insight on how to get your cat fairly quiet while traveling which should make both of our flights go smoothly and effortlessly without any problems along the way.

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Why Are Cats Loud On A Plane?

So now that we’ve provided you with some tips for keeping your cat quiet on a plane let’s now go over some of the common reasons why your cat is loud on a plane.

Again some of these are obvious and some you may not have even considered before! So here’s a list of the most common reasons your cat is loud on a plane.

Why Cats Are Loud On A Plane:

  • Cabin Pressure
  • Noise In The Cabin
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Suffering From Motion Sickness
  • There’s Poop In The Carrier

Cabin pressure

  • Cabin pressure can cause your cat’s ears to pop which results in them meowing and making noise. This is very common on flights and, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this. However, the symptoms usually pass after a few minutes and they should be fine.

Noise Level

  • The noise level on a plane is another common reason why cats make a lot of noise when on the plane, especially in confined spaces. This is why they tend to meow or cry often since they are reacting to the noise in the cabin which may sound unpleasant and uncomfortable for them.

Stress & Anxiety

  • Cats can be very sensitive to any kind of stress, anxiety, or emotional disruptions when on a plane which may result in meowing uncontrollably. So before boarding the plane it’s best to keep your cat calm and avoid getting your cat too worked up prior to the trip.

Unfamiliar Surroundings

  • Cats don’t do well in unfamiliar surroundings and can be very sensitive to what’s going on around them. Unfamiliar places or settings can cause them anxiety and stress resulting in your cat meowing.

Suffering From Motion Sickness

  • When cats feel motion sick, nauseous, or dizzy this could be why your cat is making a lot of noise. As mentioned, you can get medication for this “but again” always check with your vet first and ask them what the safest and most effective medication is for motion sickness.

There’s Poop In The Carrier

  • If a cat accidentally poops in their carrier this can cause them to meow or cry because they feel uncomfortable. This is something that you want to address right away since your cat won’t stop until the carrier is clean.

There are some common reasons why your cat is loud on a plane that you just heard about so hopefully now you can take some measures to prevent this from happening!

What Happens If The Cat Is Too Loud On A Plane?

So now that you know some of the most common reasons why your cat is loud on a plane we will go over what could happen if you are unable to control or calm your cat. However, this is a worst-case scenario and will not happen unless your cat is very disruptive.

Passengers May Complain

If your cat is loud on a plane and disrupting other passengers this could cause them to complain. In which case the flight attendant will come over to you and tell you that they have received some complaints from the rest of the passengers.

That being said, flight attendants are really good and will do everything they can to help you.

You Might Be Relocated On The Plane

If your cat is loud on a plane and causing too much disruption the flight attendant may relocate you to another seat.

However, this would only happen if all else fails and to help keep your pet and the other passengers calm.

You Might Refused Entry On Connecting Flights

If your cat is too loud on a plane and causing problems then you might be refused entry onto connecting flights. At this point, you will have to reschedule your flights in order for them to let you on.

This is a bummer but it’s not the end of the world and usually happens only if your cat makes too much noise or causes problems with other passengers.

You May Be Forced Off The Plane

Finally, if your cat is being really disruptive when boarding the plane you maybe be refused entry or worse forced off the plane if it’s hasn’t taken off yet.

This would be a last resource for the flight attendant, but if they think you are unable to control your cat and they are clearly in distress then they would have no other option but to ask you to leave the plane.


So we hope that these tips help you understand why your cat is loud on a plane.  we know it can be very frustrating for both of you but just try to keep them calm and relaxed before boarding the plane.

If they are already making noise then ask the flight attendant if there’s anything else they can do to help soothe or calm your cat down.

Of course, always talk with your vet first about any medication concerning motion sickness in cats!

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