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6 Ways To Transport A Puppy In A Car Without A Crate?

Most people use a crate to transport their dog or puppy in the car, not only is this the safest way but a crate will protect the dog if there is any sudden braking.

Safety is very important when traveling with your dog especially a puppy because as we know puppies are very curious and will try to jump on the seats while you driving which can be dangerous!

But, what happens if you don’t have a dog crate? Then how can you transport your puppy without one? Well, here are some tips on how to do it!

How To Transport A Puppy In A Car Without A Crate?

1. Use The Trunk

One of the best and safest ways to transport your puppy in a car without using a crate is by using the trunk. However, depending on what model of the car you have you want to make sure that the parcel self has been removed and replace it with a barrier.

Top Tip: Having a barrier in place will stop your puppy from jumping over the seat but at the same time, they will be able to see out of the rear window keeping them happy!

Just remember although this is the safest method they are not using a crate! which means they can still get hurt! so it’s best to drive slow.

Directions To Follow:

  1. Remove Parcel Self
  2. Add The Barrier In Its Place
  3. Place Your Dog In The Trunk
  4. Gently Close The Trunk
  5. Then Your Ready!

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2. Dog Leash

This method is great for those on a low budget and who just want to keep their pup in the backseat! There are plenty of ways you can secure a pup using just a leash.

What’s great about this method is there’s no need to worry about finding a good barrier or anything like that. All you need is the leash!

Now, this option works best if your dog has a harness but if not it’s ok! All you need to do is make sure the leash is not too slack and your dog can’t fall off the rear seats

All you do is lock the car seatbelt into place and then loop your dog’s leash through the seatbelt and then connect it to the collar. This will keep your puppy in place while your driving.

Directions To Follow:

  1. Lockin The Rear Seat Belts
  2. Place Your Dog On The Rear Seats
  3. Thread The Dog Leash Through The Seatbelt
  4. Connect Leash To The Dogs Collar
  5. Make Sure The Leash Isnt To Slack

3. Dog SeatBelt

The same method is used for the dog seatbelt but is a lot safer! All you do is buckle up your pup and attach their leash to the collar or harness and this will prevent them from jumping over seats while in motion.

This is also great if you’re planning on taking long trips with your pet because not only does it keep them safe but comfortable too!

Directions To Follow:

  1. Put Harness Or Collar On Your Dog
  2. Place Your Dog On The Rear Seats
  3. Thread Seatbelt Through Harness
  4. Lock Seatbelt Into Postion
  5. Adjust Seatbelt If Necessarily

4. Dog Car Barrier

Using a dog barrier is another method that works! Much like the ones that are used for the trunk. These types are designed to stop your pup from jumping into the front seats.

This basically allows your dog to move freely on the rear seat without being able to jump on the passenger seat which can cause the driver to swerve and brake suddenly.

Just remember, if you want to use this method make sure there aren’t any gaps between the seats, or else they may wiggle their way through.

Directions To Follow:

  1. Place The Barrier Behind The Front Seats
  2. Buckle The Barrier Above The Door Or Use Headrests
  3. Make Sure Their Are No gaps Visable
  4. Place Your Dog On The Rear Seats
  5. Close The Doors

5. Dog Harness

Using a harness is another method that you could use to transport your pup in the car. but you will need a leash or dog’s seat belt to secure them in place!

This method works great because harnesses are designed to prevent pulling on their neck which can be dangerous when driving.

Using your leash or dog’s seatbelt just attach it to the loophole or handle on the harness and lock the seat into position.

Directions To Follow:

  1. Put The Harness On Your Dog
  2. Place Your Dog On The Rear Seats
  3. Thread Car Seatbelt Through The Harness
  4. Lock Seatbelt Into Postion
  5. Close The Rear Doors

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6. Car Hammock

This is another method that works great to transport your puppy in the car and is super easy to set up. Not only will this prevent your dog jump over seats but it will also keep your car clean.

Directions To Follow:

  1. Adjust The Rear Headrests
  2. Place The Hammock On The Seats
  3. Tie Down The Hammock Into Postion
  4. Put Your Dog On The Rear Seat
  5. Close The Doors

Law On Dogs In Cars

Depending on where you live in the world there are laws when it comes to traveling with a dog in a car. Every state, province, and even county has different laws. So what do we mean by this?

  • Well take the United Kingdom for example If you were involved in an accident because you were distracted by an unrestrained pet then you could face a fine or worse some jail time.
  • In California, it’s also illegal to transport a dog in a truck without properly being secure. Not only is this dangerous but also extremely terrifying because if your car were to stop suddenly then they would be thrown from one side to the other causing injury.

Never Leave Your Puppy Alone In The Car

Never leave your dog unattended in the car, especially if it’s on a hot day! Not only will your dog overheat but they can become very dehydrated, both of which can cause serious health problems or even death!


So there you have it. We hope this has given you some insight on how to transport your puppy in the car without using a crate! Thanks for reading and don’t forget safety first!

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