Can a Pregnant Dog Travel by Car
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Can a Pregnant Dog Travel by Car?

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Perhaps you’re planning on taking a road trip with your dog or going for a drive to the local park. If your dog has been traveling in your car for some time you may not think twice about it. 

However, if your dog is pregnant, you may be wondering if a pregnant dog can travel by car, and if so, is there a case where she cannot?

 Normally, it is perfectly safe to travel with your pregnant dog. However, there are some instances in which you shouldn’t let your pregnant dog tag along on a ride.

 Below, we list 3 instances when it’s best not to travel with your dog by car and 6 tips for traveling with your pregnant dog.

When it is Not Safe to Travel With Your Pregnant Dog

Here are some instances where you’ll want to avoid driving with her.

First 3 Weeks of Pregnancy 

Traveling with your pregnant dog by car should be avoided during the first three weeks of her pregnancy. During the first few weeks, she may experience morning sickness and vomiting, which could make car travels an unpleasant experience for both you and your dog

Last 2 Weeks of Pregnancy

You will also want to avoid traveling by car with her during the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy. She will most likely be stressed out in her last weeks as she prepares for giving birth, and will behave in a more secluded and restless manner. It is best to let her properly prepare herself in the upcoming weeks in the home environment she is comfortable in.

 If you decide to travel a long distance with her such as a road trip or holiday during her last two weeks, this could lead her to have her puppies away from the comfort of home, and will likely stress out both her and her puppies.

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Your Dog Suffers From Travel Anxiety

If your dog struggles with travel anxiety, it is best to avoid traveling by car because she may experience heightened feelings during her pregnancy.

 Any stress for her and her unborn puppies should be avoided, as stress can negatively affect her newborn puppies.

 If you must travel during this period, contact a vet at your destination in advance in case she requires medical attention or if there are any complications. 

 5 Tips for Traveling by Car with a Pregnant Dog

1. Pack Extra Food for the Trip

Pregnant dogs require a lot more food than they normally would to keep themselves and their puppies healthy. Pack in extra high-protein food for your trip.

 Later in pregnancy, she may eat smaller amounts more regularly throughout the day. Do not withhold food from her during the trip, as she will need extra nutrition. Stop often to feed her along the way.

2. Stop Frequently for Bathroom Breaks

 The puppies will add a lot of pressure to your dog’s bladder, so be sure to stop for bathroom breaks frequently to allow her to relieve herself. This will help to avoid unpleasant accidents in the car.

3. Make Sure She Gets Enough Exercise

If you are taking a long trip, make stops to allow for some exercise. A short walk around will let her stretch her legs and reduce stress.

4. Provide a Comfortable Place For Her To Rest

The further through her pregnancy she is, the more your dog will experience discomfort. Being cooped up in a car for a long period will add to this discomfort. You will want to create a comfortable space where your dog can lie down and rest. This will reduce her discomfort and make the trip more bearable.

dog sitting in car

5. Ensure Adequate Airflow

Even if your dog has no history of motion sickness, pregnancy may cause her to become sensitive to traveling. Make sure to provide adequate airflow to help fight off nausea.

6. Avoid Long Distance Travels

Long-distance travel can be stressful for your dog. While it is perfectly safe to drive with her if she has no complications with traveling, long distances may eventually induce stress but can be minimized if you follow the tips above.


While traveling with your pregnant dog by car may be safe, always remember to take the necessary precautions and follow the tips given in this post. If you are unsure about whether or not your pregnant dog can travel by car, it is best to consult a vet to check her and give you advice before taking that trip.

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