24 Hot Tips For Taking Cats To The Beach

As a cat owner, you may be wondering if taking your cats to the beach is a good idea. After all, cats are known for not liking water. They are also creatures of habit and they don’t like doing things out of the ordinary.

However, there are some things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable for your cat.

1. Make Sure It’s A Pet-Friendly Beach

If you’re going to take your cats to the beach, it’s important to make sure that the beach is pet-friendly. This means it will be a place on the beach where animals are allowed and there should be no signs prohibiting pets.

Important: Although some beaches are pet friendly there will be certain areas on the beach where your cat cant go! If you do, you could face a fine!

You should always be up to date with their requirements regarding pets on the beach to avoid. Try using a map so you can mark down all the locations that are pet friendly this way your know where to take your cat.

2. Pack Plenty Of Water & Treats

It can get quite toasty on the beach “especially for cats” so it’s very important to take plenty of water with you. Cats can become easily dehydrated, so having freshwater around is important!

In addition to bringing water, pack some healthy snacks for your cat as well. This can include treats like tuna, salmon, or cooked chicken. Avoid giving them anything that is high in salt or sugar as this can make them more dehydrated.

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3. Check The Weather Forcast

It’s very important to check the weather forecast before you go to the beach with your cat. Because the beach is an open area it can get very windy and although it may be ok for you! For cats, they won’t like it.

The same can be said about the rain, cats don’t like being wet so if there is a chance of rain, it’s best to leave them at home.

4. Use A Cat Carrier Or Backpack

If your cats are going to the beach for the first time then it’s best that they travel in a carrier. In the beginning, it’s important to keep in one so they don’t run off or worse get hurt!

However, as time goes by and there more familiarized with being around other people then, it’s safe to say keeping them inside their carrier isn’t necessary anymore.

5. Take A Large Umbrella For Shade

As we know, being on the beach in direct sunlight can get extremely hot, and having your cat out in the sun, even for a short time can be dangerous.

To prevent this from happening it’s best to bring along a large beach umbrella with you so your cat has some shade where they can stay cool and relax.

6. Use A Leash Or Harness

If you don’t like the idea of keeping your cat in a carrier then it’s best that you use a leash when walking around the beach. This will help keep your cat close and stop them from wandering off.

But if your going with a harness, be sure to get one that’s made specifically for cats because anything too big can cause discomfort or in some cases pain which isn’t good!

Some cats don’t like being on leashes either so this may take time before they grow accustomed to them. But patience is key and doing what works best for your cat should always come first.

7. Take A Food Water Bowl

One thing that many people forget is their pet’s food bowls. If you don’t take one your find it very hard to give your cat water.

You can always get collapsible bowls that are great for taking with you to the beach and hardly take up any space! You can find these food water bowls at places like Amazon.com

8. Observe Your Cat

If you’re going to the beach with a cat that hasn’t been in public places before then it’s best you keep a close eye on their behavior. Cats are very good at telling us when they’re not feeling ok and this is especially true when out of the house!

If Your Cat Shows The Following:

  • Shaking
  • Panting
  • Meowing
  • Growling
  • Foaming

If your cat is showing any of these signs you should take them home immediately or if these symptoms persist then there may be an underlying issue causing this behavior and you should take your cat to the vet immediately.

9. Avoid Crowded Areas

If your cat is not used to being in public then it’s best that you avoid crowded areas. Cats are very sensitive to loud noises, and with lots of people walking around, with other animals can make your cat feel very overwhelmed.

This can cause them to lash out and become aggressive which is the last thing you want while at the beach!

If this does happen then it’s best that you remove your cat from the situation or look for a quiet spot on the beach where you can relax and play with your cat.

10. Keep Your Cat Cool

When cats are on the beach they can get very hot, however, they do not sweat like humans and need a way to keep their temperature down.

You can help your cat out by giving them plenty of water and also pouring some on their coat so it’s slightly damp this will keep them cool. If your cat is hot they won’t mind it!

Cats are more susceptible to heatstroke than any other type of animal especially on the beach so providing lots of shade is also extremely important as cats love sitting in shady spots.

Just look out for any signs that your cats are too hot and then take the correct action!

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11. Take Some Poop Bags

When taking your cat to a pet-friendly beach or any other beach for that matter you will be responsible for cleaning up after them.

When you are at the beach your cat will need to go to the toilet at some point so take some poop bags with you. Ideally get ones that are biodegradable so they won’t damage the environment.

Also, take some gloves with you because you will need to pick up your cat’s mess anyway! Of course, you can use the poop bags if you don’t have any!

If you don’t have any poop bags you can buy these at most pet shops or online stores and they are very cheap!

12. Keep Your Cat Close

Make sure your cat doesn’t wander off too far. If your cat is not used to being in public then it’s best that you keep them on a leash at all times.

Cats are very independent animals and will happily wander off even on the beach so keeping them close by is important. Another reason is other pets on the beach that may scare them and they could run away.

13. Make Sure They Are Hydrated

When taking your cat to the beach then it’s important that they have enough water at least every hour depending on the heat.

If you see that your cat is acting strange this could be down to dehydration. If this is the case you will need to give them water immediately.

Signs Of Dehydration In Cats:

  1. Dry Mouth And Tongue
  2. Unable To Urinate Or Have Dark Yellow Urine
  3. Lack Of Energy Or Lethargic Behavior

If your cat doesn’t drink enough water when at the beach it can cause health problems in their kidneys, liver, or bladder so always keep an eye on how much they are drinking.

14. Limited Your Stay

Although it can be fun to spend the whole day at the beach with your cat there are some downsides to this that can affect their health.

So if you want to avoid any problems then we would recommend limiting your stay so that if anything does happen, it doesn’t get too serious.

This is particularly important for cats who aren’t used to being in public or even going to the beach.

You should also consider this if it’s a very hot day as your cat can overheat if they are out in the sun for too long and this could have serious consequences.

15. Look For Signs of Stress

If you have a very timid cat then it’s important that you know what to look for when taking them to the beach. Cats can get stressed from being in public places or exposed to loud noises so try and keep your cat away from these areas if possible.

You can usually tell if your cat is stressed because they will not act like themselves.

Signs Of Stress Include:

  • Peeing
  • Vomiting
  • Hiding Under Things
  • Scratching At Objects
  • Not drinking Or Eating

If you notice any of these signs then it could be an indication that your cat is stressed and you need to take action straight away!

16. Watch Out For Dogs

Some cats can be scared of dogs and if you take them to the beach then there’s a high chance that they will see other dogs. If your cat is not used to seeing other pets or animals then this could cause problems for them.

You should keep an eye on any interactions between cats and dogs because it could get pretty serious, especially if both start fighting.

After all, You don’t want your cat hurt so make sure you intervene when necessary!

17. Look Out For Any Hazards

Once you’re at the beach then it’s important that you look out for any hazards. This includes rocks, shells, and anything else your cat could get their paws on.

If they happen to eat something dangerous or swallow a shell then this could cause an upset stomach which is never good!

Always keep watch of what your cat eats by keeping them close by and making sure they don’t pick up anything off the ground.

Also look out for any broken glass, sharp objects, or other dangerous items that could cut and injure their paws.

18. Keep Your Cat Away From The Ocean

We would recommend that you keep your cat away from the ocean. This is mainly because if any large waves were to hit the beach your cat could be dragged into the water

So if you can it’s best to avoid this from happening by keeping a close eye on them and making sure they don’t get into any trouble.

19. Don’t Leave Your Cat Unattended

It’s never a good idea to leave your cat unattended at the beach. Even if they seem fine and happy to play with other animals there’s still not a good idea because things can go wrong very quickly.

If another animal attacks them whilst you’re away, this could cause some serious damage and even be fatal in some cases so we would definitely advise against leaving your pet alone for too long!

Although this may be rare you can never be too careful and this is definitely one of those situations where it’s better to be safe than sorry!

20. Don’t Let Them Drink The Ocean Water

Although it may seem ok to let your cat drink from the sea, we would definitely advise against this. The reason being is saltwater can actually make your cat dehydrated which is never good for them.

If they have already drunk some then you should try and get them to drink fresh water because salt can cause health problems down the line if not treated quickly enough!

If they continue to drink salted water this can have serious effects on their health and can even lead to death if your not careful.

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21. Bring Some Toys For Your Cat

Beach time can be a great opportunity to play with your cat and have some fun together. Make sure you take a selection of toys for them so they never get bored whilst playing on the beach!

This is a great way to keep them entertained and will help with preventing stress because you’re playing with your cat. Cats love playing games so this could be the perfect time for getting some bonding in together.

If you do plan on taking toys then make sure that none of them have sharp edges or anything else which can hurt your pet otherwise it’s not worth taking them at all!

22. Make Sure Your Cat Has ID tags

You should also consider putting some id tags on your cat in case they run off and get lost. This is an easy way for someone to find you and contact you if they have found your cat or taken them in because this will give all the information needed!

It’s important that these are up to date with the correct number so they can be easily identified by anyone who comes across it.

If possible try and put a cell phone number on there as well just in case something goes wrong then people know how they can contact you quickly!

23. Beware Of Seagulls

If you want to take your cat for a walk along the beach then beware of seagulls. These birds are known for stealing food which also includes your cat!

If you have a kitten or small cat then they will be a target for seagulls and this can be a huge problem! Seagulls and cats are never a good mix and they can be very dangerous for your pet if you’re not careful!

If you see a seagull flying close to your cat it’s best to put them in the carrier because seagulls will try and get them if they see an opportunity.

24. Have Fun!

The most important thing that you need to remember when taking your cat to the beach is to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Cats love new experiences just like us humans so it’s best not to worry about all these tips we’ve said above they are there for your benefit after all!

Just make sure you do some research into where you will be going beforehand because each area does vary significantly depending on what part of the world you live in.

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Is It Safe To Take Your Cat To The Beach?

Yes, overall taking your cat to the beach is safe just as long as they are supervised. Just make sure that you keep them out of trouble and away from dangerous situations.

Remember there are plenty of predators around like the seagulls so you need to keep a close eye on them and also make sure they don’t wander too far off!

Do Cats Like The Beach?

Well in some ways yes and in others no. Some cats will love playing on the sand, running around, and doing all of these fun things but not every cat does!

If you have a cat that doesn’t like going outside then they probably won’t be interested at all so it’s best to take them along for short periods of time.

This is where toys can come into play because if your cat has something new to play with then this could distract them from what would usually put them off!

Do Cats Like The Sand?

Sand can be very irritating to some cats so if your pet is not the biggest fan of this then it’s best to keep them away from it altogether or limit how much they are involved.

If you have a cat that doesn’t like that sand but you still want to take them to the beach then you should keep them in a carrier this way they won’t set foot on the sand.

With that said, If your cat is acting strange when taking on the sand then it might not be because they don’t like it! But because the sand is hot and is burning their paws.

However, if the sand is cool then there’s a good chance that the cats just don’t like the feel of the sand.


So there are 24 tips for taking your cats to the beach! Just remember if you do take them along just make sure they are safe at all times! Keeping your cat close will help and if there’s trouble then they will be right next to you.

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