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7 Warm Waterproof Dog Coats With Underbelly Protection

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In the winter, making sure your dog is warm and dry is a top priority, and one way to solve this is by getting your dog a coat. However, most dog coats don’t always cover the underbelly and still leave some parts of their body exposed to the cold air!

The underbelly of a dog is extremely important because it houses part of their digestive system and organs and if your dog is wet and cold in these parts then this could cause problems for them especially if they are old!

So how can you make sure your dog stays warm and get their underbelly covered? Well, this is where you need to find Waterproof Dog Coats With Underbelly Protection that will not only cover their underbelly but keep your dog warm.

Waterproof coats are designed to cover all parts of your dog’s body while still being breathable so they don’t get too sweaty inside. They come in a variety of styles including hooded, buckle-up style, and more depending on what fits best for you and your pup!

7 Waterproof Dog Coats With Underbelly Protection

1. TFENG Dog Coat With Underbelly Protection

View The TFENG Dog Coat On Amazon

S/M/LPolyethylene Terephthalate YES

These TFENG waterproof dog coats have been designed to cover the whole body and provide chest and underbelly protection. Underneath this coat is a triangle part that is tailorable for male dogs so they can pee with discomfort.

The waterproof material is breathable and is designed with a detachable hood making it ideal to use when it rains keeping your dogs head and ears dry.

There are velcro tape fasteners with a zip closure for quick and easy fitting especially if you have an excited dog. It also features a leash hole at the back that allows you to connect a leash to your dog’s collar without getting wet.

This dog coat is available in a staggering ten different sizes which means that no matter your dog’s size, they will have the fit that works best for them.

If your looking for a simple waterproof dog coat that provides all the protection they need at a low price then this is one you should consider.

Features We Love:

  • Leash Hole
  • Detachable Hood
  • Underbelly Is Tailorable
  • Velcro Tape Fasteners
  • Full Body Protection


  • Affordable Price
  • Quick And Easy To Put One
  • Zip Closure on the back
  • Covers The Underbelly
  • Waterproof & Breathable


  • Not Suitable For Minus Temperatures

2. Didog Waterproof Dog Winter Jacket

View The Digog Winter Jacket On Amazon

S/M/L Thick Inner CottonYES

The Didog dog winter jacket is packed with features for example it has a removable harness design, double D ring, and a strong buckle on the back. It’s perfect for keeping your pet warm and comfortable during the winter.

This coat is both water-resistant & reflective, making it great for walking at night or jogging with your dog. The turtleneck design protects the dog’s ears and head and keeps the snow out of their face and neck area.

The adjustable elastic straps allow you to adjust the size to fit perfectly around your pet’s body. The protective guard on the dog’s jacket prevents fur and skin from getting accidentally zipped up.

This jacket covers the areas around the chest and belly yet still leaves room in case your dog needs to do its business! It’s available in 5 sizes and comes in 3 colors.

This is a great choice for you if you want something that not only will it be comfortable for your dog “but” will keep him warm and happy!

Features We Love:

  • Removable Harness Design
  • Double D Ring & Buckle On Back
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps
  • Protective Zip Guard
  • Furry Collar


  • Easy To Put On Your Dog
  • Double D Ring & Strong Buckle
  • Zipper On The Back
  • Reflective Elements
  • Water-Resistant


  • Zipper Can Break If Your Rough

3. Gooby Padded Dog Coat With Underbelly

View The Gooby Padded Dog Coat On Amazon

S/M/L Polyester, NylonYES

The Gooby Padded Vest Dog Jacket is perfect for any outdoor activity. The vest features a windproof and water-resistant outer fabric, fleece lining, that will keep your pet feeling warm and comfortable during the winter months.

There’s also a pain-free zipper guard to protect your dog’s hair from getting trapped in the zipper, and dual D-Ring leash attachment points, so you can easily and quickly attach a leash!

The jacket itself is made of polyester with a nylon outer layer that will provide warmth to your dog even in freezing temperatures. It has a bottom opening design making it easy to get on and off your dog without any trouble.

The Gooby Padded Dog Jacket is just what your pup needs to stay warm and comfortable. It comes in five different sizes, so finding the right fit shouldn’t be a problem!

Features We Love:

  • Bottom Opening Design
  • Dual D-Ring Attachments
  • Zippa Guard
  • Fleece Lining


  • Thick Padded Layers
  • Soft Inner Fleece
  • Available In 10 Colors
  • Machine Washable
  • Retains Heat


  •  Very Thick Jacket

4. IREENUO Waterproof Dog Raincoat With Underbelly Protection

View The Ireenuo Dog Raincoat On Amazon

S/M/L100% Polyester YES

Ireenuo Dog Raincoat is the only dog raincoat that will keep your pet dry, warm, and protected from both rain and snow. It has waterproof coated fabric and inner faconne adjustable velvet fabric to provide full protection for your dog.

The inner layer is waterproof to keep the inside of the coat dry, while the middle layer provides insulation against cold weather.

The outer layer protects against wind and snow, which means you can walk your dog in any weather condition without worrying about them getting wet or cold!

The coat is lightweight and adjustable, with a soft inner lining so it’s comfortable for the dog to wear. There’s also a reflective strip for visibility when walking or hiking at night and is suitable for most medium and large dog breeds.

Features We Love:

  • Adjustable Velvet Fabric
  • Wind & Snow Protection
  • Soft Inner Lining
  • Reflective Strip


  • Fully adjustable
  • Reflective Strip
  • Provides Full Protection
  • Lightweight & Adjustable
  • Comfortable To Wear


  • Only Available For Medium & Large Dogs

5. SENYE PET Dog Coat With Underbelly Protection

View The SENYE PET Dog Raincoat On Amazon

S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXLPolyester, Inner Webbed Layer YES

The SENYE PET Dog Raincoat is waterproof and made of high-quality polyester shell, which is 100% waterproof with an inner webbed layer that’s breathable making it comfortable to wear.

The coat has a reflective strip on the back for increased visibility in low-light conditions and is easy to put on and off with quick-release buckles at the front and a Velcro closure at the belly.

It has been designed to be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for your dog making it less of a burden when they wear it. This coat also comes in 6 sizes and is available in 4 colors!

However, that’s not all! SENYE is so confident in the quality and durability of this dog coat that they even offer a lifetime guarantee!

Features We Love:

  • Polyester Outer Shell
  • Inner Webbed Layer
  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Reflective Strip
  • Velcro Closure


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lightweight, Breathable
  • Easy To Put On And Off
  • Velcro Closure At The Belly


  • Limited In Colors

6. Didog Dog Coat With Underbelly Protection

View The Didog Dog Coat On Amazon

S/M/L/XL/2XL Three-Layer Breathable Fabric YES

This Didog high-quality dog coat is great for protecting your dog from cold climates. It’s designed with a three-layer breathable fabric keeping your dog warm even in the harshest conditions.

There’s also an adjustable velcro strap at the neck so it fits perfectly and with 9 D-rings on the back, you can easily attach it to the leash and create a harness function with this vest jacket.

The design of this coat is very cute and fashionable while at the same time protecting the dog’s chest and underbelly and the U-type design in the lower abdomen still gives the dog enough room to pee.

This jacket works great if your going to be hiking with your dog in snowy conditions and is available in 6 sizes perfect for all dogs of different sizes.

Features We Love:

  • U-Type Design
  • Harness Function
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap
  • 9 D Rings On The Back
  • Three Layer Breathable Fabric


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Available In 6 Sizes
  • Easily Attach A Leash
  • Can Be Used As A Harness
  • Keeps The Dog Warm And Snug


  • Colors Are Limited

7. PET ARTIST Puppy Dog Coat With Underbelly Protection

View The PET ARTIST Puppy Dog Coat On Amazon

S/M/L/XL FleeceYES

This PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coat is made of soft and thick warm fleece fabric, that’s windproof and at the same time provides snow protection.

The Super nice and cute pattern design makes the dog look adorable. This coat also has a button closure with elastic waist, and four-leg style making it easy put on and off.

It’s designed with a turtleneck to keep your pup warm and also provides underbelly protection. This is a perfect match for your lovely pet to go out in winter!

However, this dog coat is only available for small dogs so if you have a medium or large breed then this might not be the best choice for your pup.

Features We Love:

  • Warm Fleece Fabric
  • Provides Snow Protection
  • Elastic Waist And Legs
  • Button Closure
  • Turtleneck Design


  • Protects The Underbelly
  • Good In Cold Conditions
  • Covers The Legs
  • Soft And Thick Fleece
  • Comfortable To Wear


  • For Small Dogs Only

Things To Consider Before You Purchase

When you are looking at waterproof dog coats with underbelly protection it’s important to keep in mind what kind of weather your dog will be facing.

Some coats work better than others depending on the climate so do some research into which one would fit best for where you live!

You also need to consider the materials used in the coat. Is it waterproof? Does it have insulation?

Just because a coat is waterproof doesn’t mean that it will keep your dog warm and if your dog is going to be out in the cold for a long stretch then you will want them covered head-to-toe! That’s padded!


It’s very important that the dog coat you choose has good quality materials. If you do purchase a dog coat that doesn’t have this then you may find that the coat falls apart after a short period of time.

You might also find that your dog doesn’t like to wear a coat because it is uncomfortable on their body. There are some materials out there that have been known to irritate the dog’s skin.


It’s important that a dog coat protects your pup from all types of weather conditions. If they get wet then it will be difficult for them to stay warm if you live in an area where the temperature drops below zero during wintertime.

On top of this, dogs can easily get sick when they are left out in cold environments and not properly protected. This is where having a dog coat that provides all the protection they need is key.


Now, this part is optional and really depends on the climate you live in. If it’s a warmer climate then you probably don’t need to worry about getting your dog coats with legs.

But if the opposite is true and they’re going into colder climates then this might be something you may want to consider that will help keep them warm!


Size is definitely an important factor when choosing a coat for your dog. You don’t want to get one that is too big because it won’t keep them protected and if you go with a coat that’s too small then it will be a disappointment when it arrives.

If your dog manages to get the small coat on they may not be able to move comfortably in the style of their choosing which could make them feel irritated and might lead to an accident.

Important: Make sure you measure your dog first before making any purchases!

If you are not sure how to measure your dog below is a video that will show you exactly what to do!


You want to make sure that there is enough padding for your dog in the coat. If they are going out into the snow or ice then you don’t want them getting chills because their coats aren’t thick enough to keep them warm!

Make sure that you get a coat with good insulation so it can do its job properly. But too much padding can cause discomfort for them when wearing it.

If you find this is the case then consider going with a different style of coat or material so they can still be protected without being uncomfortable!


Dog coats made with good quality lining means they will last. Having a good quality dog coat means that your money will be well spent on something durable rather than having to replace it every other month.


This one is something you need to keep in mind and that comfort! If your dog doesn’t like the feeling of the coat then they won’t like wearing it!

There are coats out there that have been known to cause discomfort on their skin or just don’t seem comfortable enough for them to want to put up with wearing it any longer than necessary.

As long as the dog is comfortable in the material and it’s not causing them pain or discomfort then they should be okay with wearing it!


Now, waterproof dog coats is something that goes hand-in-hand with insulation, padding, and underbelly protection.

The coat needs to keep out water at all costs while still being breathable enough to prevent condensation from forming inside which could cause problems over time.

Some coats come with hydrophobic materials while others have a combination of different fabrics working together!

You just need to find one that works effectively without causing too much discomfort or making your pup feel like their movements are restricted!


Attachments points are where you can attach things like leashes when out walking your dog. Most of the time it will be for this reason but it also works great if you’re securing your dog in a car using the seatbelts.


We hope this blog post was helpful in answering questions about waterproof dog coats with underbelly protection for dogs.

Remember, having a dog coat with proper insulation that fits comfortably is very important, especially if your dog is out for extended periods of time.

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