5 Ways To Secure A Dog Crate In A Car

There are many reasons why you should secure a dog crate in the car. Whether you’re running errands, driving around town, or visiting the vet it is important to keep your dog safe in the car.

One of the most important parts of caring for your dog is ensuring their safety while traveling (this includes in the car). As we know, dogs can be unpredictable and some might try to jump out of the vehicle while on the go.

In addition, if there is ever an accident, your dog could be seriously injured or worse if they aren’t secured properly. So here are five ways to safely secure a dog crate in the car!

5 Ways To Secure A Dog Crate In Car

A car trunk is our number one recommendation! as this is the safest way for your dog to travel in the car. It’s very easy and it only takes minutes to secure the dog crate.

However, if the crate is small then you will need to use some bungee cables to safely secure the crate in the trunk so it doesn’t move around!

Most cars have metal lop rings inside the trunk that you can use to attach these cables and secure the crate as seen in the picture below!

This way if there is any sharp braking or maneuvering your dog will safe and sound. The downside to this is your dog won’t be able to see much which might make them anxious if they don’t like dark spaces.

How To Secure A Dog Crate In Car Trunk:

  1. Remove The car parcel shelf (If Needed)
  2. Place Your Dog In The Crate
  3. Place The Crate In The Boot
  4. Attach Cables To The Crate
  5. Close The Trunk!

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2. Rear Seats

The rear seat is another excellent location for securing a dog crate. You can use seatbelts to secure your crate in place or you could even attach it to the headrests by using a bungee cord! However, seatbelts would be your best option!

The downside is, that if you have multiple dogs then it’s going to be difficult to keep them all separated without taking up an entire row of seats.

Securing the crate is fairly straight forward simply place the crate on the back seat in a comfortable position for your dog and then thread the seat through the top handle of the crate and then lock it.

Alternatively, you can use bungee cords and connect them to the headrests!

How To Secure A Dog Crate In Car Seat:

  1. Put Your Dog Inside The Crate
  2. Place The Crate On The Rear Seat
  3. Thread SeatBelt Through Top Handle
  4. Lock The Seatbelt Into Position
  5. Attach Cables To Head Rests (Optional)

3. Footwell

Having your dog in the footwell is a great idea because it keeps them out of harm’s way. However, unfortunately, this option won’t work for large dogs and is more suitable for small dogs like a puggy or dachshund.

You can either use the front or rear footwells however the seat option would be to use the rear footwells just being the front seats. The cons are that you have to move the front seat forward in order for them to fit which can be a hassle.

It is recommended that you place the crate behind the passenger seat so you don’t need to adjust the driver seat. There is no need to use any cables. all you need to do once the crate is in the footwell is gently move the passenger seat backward until the crate is secure.

How To Secure A Dog Crate In Car Foot Well:

  1. Put Your Dog In The Crate
  2. Move The Passenger Seat Forward
  3. Place The Crate In The Footwell
  4. Gently Move The Seat Backwards
  5. Lock Seat Into Position

4. Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are a great way to secure your dog in the car and they’re quite easy to use. They’re also very inexpensive! You will need is two bungee cords to properly secure the dog crate, and as mentioned, you can use these cords either for securing the crate in the trunk or back seats.

The downside of using these is they aren’t aesthetically pleasing which could be off-putting for some people but there isn’t any real reason why you shouldn’t use one if needed so give it a go!

If you’re using them in the trunk simply attach them to the lop hole shown in the picture on option 1 or you can attach them to the headrests again shown in option 2!

How To Secure A Dog Crate In Car With Bungees:

  1. Put Your Dog In The Crate
  2. Have Two Bungee Cords Ready
  3. Place The Crate In Trunk Or On Seats
  4. Attach Cords To Headrest Or Loop Holes
  5. Secure The Crate Into Position

5. Dog Booster Seat

If you have a dog who struggles with anxiety when being in cramp areas like a crate then we do recommend using a dog booster seat! Not only do these seats come with all the attachments you need but will also give your dog plenty of room to see instead of staring at hard plastic.

There are many different styles and methods for securing your dog but the most popular is a straight booster seat which allows your dog plenty of room. You can also place these directly on the car seats, however, these booster seats are only suitable for small dogs.

The downside is because they’re made with fabric then there’s more chance the booster seat will get dirty but these materials can easily be cleaned.

How To Secure The Dog Booster Seat:

  1. Place The Booster Seat On Rear Seats
  2. Thread The Car Seat Belt Through Carrier
  3. Place Your Dog In The Booster Seat
  4. Secure Dog In The Seat Using Attachments
  5. Your Dog Is Then Ready For Their Road Trip

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The Safest Location To Secure A Dog Crate In Car

The safest location to secure your dog would be the trunk! Not only is this good for both large and small dogs but at the same time, the dog won’t be a distraction to the driver.

However, if you are someone who prefers your dog to travel in the trunk then we do recommend that you use a steel cage and not a crate! The reason for this is quite simple if there was an accent or collision a cage can protect your dog and absorb the impact yet a plastic crate can not.

Granted your dog may suffer some business but that’s a lot better than if your dog was in a plastic crate! For sure you can get some tough plastic crate that may withstand a collation but there’s no way to know that for sure.

Why It’s Important To Secure A Dog Crate In Car?

If your a person who loves to take your dog on long journeys then it’s imperative that you secure them in the car. Collisions can happen at any time and if something were to occur while driving your dog could go flying causing injury or worse!

This is why it is so important to make sure your dog is fully secure before setting off on your road trip. The last thing you want to happen is for your dog to get injured because you didn’t want to spend a few minutes making sure your dog is safe and secure.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your dog!

Why You Should Never Secure A Dog Crate On Passengers Seat

The main why you should never place a crate on the passenger seat is because the crate will be directly in front of the airbag and If you have a collision, the airbag can go off which will cause major injuries to your dog.

Even if you’re not using a crate placing your dog on the passenger’s seat in front of an airbag is still dangerous so you should be avoided it at all times!

Another reason is your dog could easily distract the driver more so than being on the back seat and this can cause major accidents. While you don’t want to limit your pup’s freedom, it’s best that they stay in a crate in the back of the car where there are no distractions for other drivers!

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Laws On Unrestrained Dogs In A Car

Depending on what country you reside in there are many laws that govern driving with an unrestrained pet. While most of the time it’s more to do with people not securing pets, you still can be issued a fine if your dog isn’t restrained and is in clear view of the driver!

Some counties are very strict on this matter! So strict, that if you are in a collision resulting from being distracted from an unrestrained pet then you could face jail time.

So we definitely recommend using one of these tips on how to secure a dog crate in a car so both yourself and your pup stay safe when traveling long journeys.

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended

Another thing to never do is leave your dog unattended in the car. If you have a large breed and need to run into a store for example then we recommend taking your dog with you.

What’s more, even if you only plan on being gone for five minutes doesn’t mean that will be enough time! You can easily end up getting held up or a worst-case scenario breaks down which could result in hours before someone comes along.

Remember, some dogs have thick coats and can get extremely hot in the summer especially in cars and leaving your dog untended can be fatel!

This means leaving your dog unattended would be a bad idea, especially if you live somewhere where temperatures can get extremely hot during the summer!

There are so many dog crates to choose from but if you’re looking for one that’s lightweight and easy to buckle in then we have some that are perfect for securing your dog in a car.

These crates are light enough to be carried yet strong and sturdy which makes them perfect for your dog. What’s more, these crates can be used in the car trunk, rear seats, and footwell!

The only thing we recommend doing before buying one of these lightweight crates is to measure your dog’s height from floor to top of their head as some do come up smaller than others.

And don’t forget when measuring makes sure not to include any part of the harness or collar. This will ensure the crate fits perfectly around your pooch’s body making it impossible for them to escape while traveling in the car!

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

The SportPet Designs dog crate is a great way to transport your pet safely and securely in a car. This plastic kennel can be used to secure dogs in cars, and it is an ideal choice for air travel.

The crate comes with wheels for easy transport and has ventilated areas that keep your pet cool while traveling. It also has a number of different sizes available, so you’ll find the right one for your needs.

This crate can be used in the car trunk on the rear seat and in the footwell depending on what size crate you have!

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

The 2PET Fold-A-Crate is one of the most affordable, sturdy, and portable dog crates on the market. It’s also incredibly easy to set up. Simply unfold it, and you’re good to go!

This dog crate has a mesh panel window that allows for plenty of air circulation while your pet stays inside. The top handle can be used to convert this crate into a fully functional pet carrier so you can carry your pooch around in style!

However, this crate can only be used in the trunk or on the rear seat, not in the footwell.

Ferplast Atlas Scenic Cage

The Ferplast Atlas Scenic SUV & Car Dog Crate is a great choice for those who want to travel with their dog in a vehicle. This dog crate is designed specifically for the cargo area of SUVs and hatchback vehicles.

However, make sure you measure the desired area in your SUV prior to making a purchase. The crate is perfect for those who are looking for the safest possible way to protect their dog when in a car.

All three of these crates mentioned above can be found on amazon.com there your be able to view the price and other crates that suit your needs.


So if you’re planning on taking your dog along for a road trip then we can’t recommend highly enough that you make sure they are safe and secure. This will ensure both yourself and the pup remain healthy and happy!

Finally, if you don’t have a dog crate then head to your local pet store and pick one up or visit an online store like amazon there your find plenty of dog crates to use in a car.

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