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Where Do Dogs Go To The Bathroom On A Plane?

Where Do Dogs Go To The Bathroom On A Plane? If you’re planning on taking your dog on a plane you probably worry about how your dog will handle a long flight? and where you can go if your dog needs the bathroom.

Typically most people will walk their dogs around the airport and use the public toilets so they can relive themselves before boarding the plane. However, this does not always go to plan as some dogs can get high anxiety when on a plane.

This is especially true if they are on an airplane and stuck inside their carrier throughout the flight. So if you’re curious about whether or not your dog can pee or poop while in the air, keep reading!

Can Dogs Use The Public Bathroom On A Plane?

Unfortunately, there are no places on a plane where your dog can do their business. There are, of course, public toilets but these are not for pets (humans only).

Take Note: Airlines have strict rules when allowing dogs to travel in the cabin! One of which is… they are not allowed out of their carrier at any point during the flight and must be kept inside the carrier at all times.

Not only is this for the safety of the dog but for the passages too. A dog’s lead could easily slip out of your hands if there’s any turbulence and as a result, your dog could end up running around in the cabin which would put people at risk!

Dogs that are allowed in the cabin (except for service dogs) are small which means hopefully there won’t be much cleaning involved.

Recommended Tip: One item that pet owners use regularly on a plane is disposable dog diapers! Not only are they cheap! but they are easy to use and will save you a lot of time cleaning!

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What About Service Dogs?

Some airlines do allow service dogs to travel in the cabin with their owners and as we know these dogs are quite large! So where do service dogs go? Well even with service dogs there are no exceptions!

The same method applies again you can use dog diapers that can conceal any accidents and also prevent any liquids from leaking onto the floor!

If your dog does have an accident all you do is notify the flight attendant and they will assist you. They may even let you use the toilet to clean up.

This actually happens quite often on flights which is why people bring their own disinfectant wipes and other supplies they will need in case of an accident.

Recommended Tip: Because service dogs are allowed to lay on the floor you can use puppy pads which can also be used inside dog carriers if you don’t like using dog diapers!

So, now that you know all about dogs going to the bathroom on a plane let’s learn what other things there are to consider when flying with pets.

If There’s Any Sudden Accidents On The Plane

A recent survey found that many dog owners have no idea what to do when their pet relieves themselves on a plane and for those of us who fly frequently and happen to have dogs, we all know the struggle when they need to potty mid-flight.

There is so much space in an airport that there’s no excuse for not letting them pee; but what about on planes? It can be difficult to find space outside of your seat and impossible if it’s during takeoff or landing!  

Recommended Tip: If your dog does have an accident on the plane the first thing you should do is let the flight attendants know and see if they will let you use the bathroom to clean your dog and carrier.

However, not all airlines will allow this! If the smell is bad enough that it’s starting to upset the passengers then they might. You will need to put all the waste into a plastic bag, tie it up and take it back with you to your seat.

Another thing that’s not so pleasant is when dogs do their business in mid-air! If this happens there are no exceptions for letting them out of the carrier (except for service dogs).

It may be best to bring along some disinfectant wipes or sprays as mentioned earlier which will help clean up any messes left behind by accidents during flight.

If worst comes to worst then try using tissues or paper towels trying wiping cleaner over the area until it’s completely dry.

Tips To Prevent This From Happening

Dogs are good at finding the nearest tree to do their business, but it’s not so great when it comes to being on a plane. So here are a few steps you can take to prevent your dog from going anywhere near the bathroom on the plane.

  • Use The Airport Toilets Before Boarding: The first thing you should do is take your dog to the airport toilets before getting on board, even if it’s just a short flight! This can help prevent any accidents from happening later on.
  • Walk Your Dog Before Checking In: Take your dog for a walk before boarding so they have done their business by the time you are up in the air! This will save any stress of trying not to go during the flight.
  • Don’t Give Your Dog Any Food Or Drink: Don’t give your dog any more food or water an hour before takeoff! This will help reduce the chances of them having to go during the flight (and it’s also better for their digestion).
  • Try To Keep Your Dog Calm: If your dog is not used to traveling then it may feel confused or anxious which could result in an accident. The best thing to do is keep your dog calm and let them know you’re there by their side.

Following these tips above it should help reduce the chances of your dog going to the bathroom on a plane. One of the most important things to remember is that you are responsible for your dog and its actions!

Alternatively Book A Shorter Flight

Sometimes it’s best to book a shorter flight so your dog won’t need the bathroom or anything else during the flight. This will help keep them out of any accidents!

Connecting flights are perfect for this because at least your dog can stretch their legs and go to the toilet in the airport before boarding another flight.

If this is your first time flying with your dog and you are unsure about your dog’s behavior while flying then it’s best to call the airline beforehand and see if there are any special tips or requirements they have for traveling with pets!

This will help ensure that everyone has a safe, smooth ride on their journey together.

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Make Sure You Travel Prepared

When you’re traveling with your dog, you want to be prepared for anything and If this is your first time taking your dog on an airline then there are some things you will need if your dog has any sudden accidents.

Some of these items we have already mentioned in this article but some we haven’t. However, once you have gone through that first flight with your dog, you will know exactly what your need and what to expect next time around.

  • Poop Bags
  • Puppy Pads
  • Plastic Bags
  • Paper Towels
  • Dog Diapers
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Disinfectant Wipes

Poop Bags

You will need to have some poop bags on hand just in case your dog poops in the airport or on the plane. Poop bags that are easy and quick to open as well as to close afterward.

This can also keep in the smell and are leakproof which is ideal if you are still in mid-flight and have no way to dispose of the poop bag.

Puppy Pads

Puppies pads are great for absorbing any accidents and work great for laying at the bottom of your carrier and can save you a lot of time during the flight!

You can also use them to put in the area they are laying if you have a service dog and at the same time gives them some extra padding.

Plastic Bags

You might need to have some plastic bags on hand as well so you can put your dog’s poop in them before throwing it away.

This is a pretty good idea because if there are any accidents then at least the area will be safe and clean and by double bagging it this will keep the smell away.

Dog Diapers  

Dog diapers are designed specifically for pets in mind and can prevent accidents from happening and they can do a pretty good job at this.

Just remember that it’s best if you place the diaper on your dog before they go onto the plane so there aren’t any problems when seating.

Rubber Gloves

If you’re a little squeamish then it might be best to carry around rubber gloves with you as well because they will help protect your hands if there are any accidents along the way!

Disposable rubber gloves come in handy when cleaning up the carrier and dog diapers which can get messy at times!

Disinfectant Wipes

It might be best to carry around disinfectant wipes with you if there are any accidents during flight because these are great for cleaning up messes and keeping everything fresh! Fresh means safe, after all! 

You can also use these for diaper changes, especially since dogs who have an accident during flight tend to lose control of their bladder so it’s a good idea to keep some on hand.

Airline Regulations On Dogs

You will also need to find out what regulations your airline has for traveling with pets. Some airlines do not allow any type of animal in the cabin while others only allow small dogs in carriers under 20 pounds!

For example, American Airlines will only allow dogs in the cabin that have a combined weight of the carrier and a dog of 20 lbs or less. If they exceed this weight your dog will have to travel in the cargo!

American Airlines Pet Travel Information

So it’s very important you know their regulations beforehand so there aren’t any problems during the flight and that way, everyone is safe and sound after landing without having an unexpected surprise waiting for them.


So now you know how dogs go to the bathroom on a plane and most importantly what to do if they do! Just remember to be prepared for anything and everything!

If there are any accidents or problems during takeoff or landing don’t get too flustered as long as you follow the tips mentioned above you should be fine.

It’s always better to have something on hand just in case than not at all so make sure to keep these items handy before preferably in the pockets of the dog carrier so you have access to them at all times.

If this is your first time flying with a pet, then we wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes smoothly!

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